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As always, I have sketch commissions available.
Zodiac Chimerae are available here too, as well as any other adoptable things you wish to pay for.

*Sketch commissions are and will always be a point a piece, and will be done in a random style of my choosing. Just note me a ref, or leave one while donating, and I'll get right to it.

*Zodiac Chimerae start at 100:points: minimum, for a mix of 2 different zodiac signs. The price increases by 50:points: for a third sign, and by 25:points: for each sign added beyond. Just let me know which signs you want incorporated, and if you want me to color it for you or do so yourself. If I'm coloring it, I have a set color palette that I use for these things based on the elements of the signs given. Let me know if you already have a color scheme in mind! This is important if you're giving me your own personal signs - especially eastern ones, as their colors are unrelated to the signs themselves and are generally a different/unique combination for everyone.

*Any other commissions are done on a case by case basis. If interested, note me a reference to or description of what you want, and I'll reply with what I think is a fair price range. We can haggle from there. Payment is in points only, and will occur after completion of the piece and before you receive it.

*Adoptable prices will be found on their pages. Just make sure to ask for it before sending points.

*If you just want to donate out of kindness, please donate anonymously. If I see a username attached to it, you will be getting a random sketch in return, tagged with your name.

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I grew up in a religious household in the deep south, where opinions are strong, passions run hot, and simple disagreements can quickly come to blows. At a point in middle school, history class, we were presented with the dilemma of a rape victim needing an abortion to prevent her from dying in childbirth delivering a baby with literally no brain. At the time, the scenario seemed far-fetched and over the top - but to me the choice was still clear, even if the teacher said it was the wrong one after the exercise was over(it was a Christian school, so apparently even if it was to save a life aborting would be wrong). Still, the idea of 'why?' never left me. I couldn't put my finger on why the idea bothered me for the longest time... Why the "pro-life" crowd always seemed to rub me the wrong way... And then it hit me - they're not really pro-life.

Okay, so hear me out on this before you roll your eyes or launch into a rant. It's a little long, but I've done everything I could to make it as short and straightforward as possible.

Pro-lifers, for the most part, seem to only show care for the 'life' of the unborn. They ignore proven science in favor of the notion that a dividing ball of stem cells is self-aware. They have a habit of dismissing rape as something worth acknowledgment, and will spend all their time only condemning their self-claimed 'majority' reason for abortion (promiscuity) and whining about how evil it is instead of offering actual solutions to the supposed problem. They behave as though cases of aborting due to rape, or potentially fatal complications, are so rare that they have no weight... or worse yet are just as 'evil' as aborting for the sole reason of inconvenience.

They ignore that children given up to foster care enter into a system in dire need of reform, where then can spend their entire childhoods without knowing the love of a family, or be passed around between families like a hot potato, or even be stuck with a foster family that only keeps them around for the check that comes with them(and gets way with it).

They treat women like their lives, futures, and happiness are worthless, just because they happen to be pregnant when they didn't want to be. Never mind that she might've been raped. Never mind that she may not have the resources for preventive measures, or if those measures failed. Never mind if neither she nor anyone she knows and trusts can safely raise a child. Never mind if she's under-aged, or the pregnancy or delivery could kill her. Never mind that the baby will not survive the birthing or be born dead. Never mind all that; that pregnancy is still worth it!

They would see abortion be outlawed, no matter the reason, and have humanity revert back to the time when the only chance a woman had to end a doomed pregnancy was either an unsafe and unsanitary illegal abortion that has just as much chance of killing them as the delivery, or self-inducing a miscarriage. They would rather see that instead of a woman having the option for a safe and clean abortion if and when it's needed.

They act as though the gift of free-will is only applicable when it suits their rhetoric("You had the choice before you dropped your pants"), ignoring the dozens of other choices and circumstances that come with pregnancy. They believe it is morally right to force a woman to endure pain, heartbreak, and even death for the sake of a fetus, even if it is medically impossible that it will survive out of the womb. They would see pregnancy used as punishment for a lack of preparedness, caution, experience, resources, or even choice - instead of the beautiful and natural process of bringing new life to the world that it was always meant to be.

They act like being pro-choice is the worst thing in the world - like it automatically supports abortions instead of supporting the right that all people have, to -choose- what happens to their own body. They treat being pro-choice as being anti-life when nothing could be further from the truth. You don't see pro-choice people picketing maternity wards, scolding new moms about the evils of overpopulation, or having a baby when they needed govt assistance just to afford the delivery. According to them it's fine though for pro-lifers to picket abortion clinics and harass women who are there without even knowing why that woman is getting one... Right...

Those who believe that, I don't care why, are -not- pro-life. They will -never- be pro-life. They are pro-pregnancy and pro-control, and to claim the moniker of 'pro-life' is manipulative and hypocritical of them.

Someone who is truly pro-life would be able to understand that it is not their right to interfere in the lives and choices of other human beings. They would understand that sometimes termination of a pregnancy is the only way to save a mother from heartbreak or death, and that her decision should always be the final word, no matter what that word is. They would accept that no matter how much they disagree with a person's life choices that they have no right to rob them of their ability to choose. They would celebrate human life, with free will as its ultimate expression.

I think you can see where I'm going to go from here, so I'll wrap this up here... After meeting and speaking to people on all sides of the issue and seeing how they treat it, I've come to understand...

Pro-choice is the -real- pro-life!



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Not much to say. I like to draw and enjoy life. What more is there?

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